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From: Sharyn Abbott - Author "Making Your List And Checking It Twice 

To: Singles looking For A Great Relationship.

Maybe you have been thinking that it will just never happen for You. Are you feeling like  Warm, Loving, Passionate relationships are only reserved for other people? You can't stand the thought of another long weekend home alone watching  re-runs of romantic comedies on cable- when you know everyone else is out there meeting someone great. Even worse, you absolutely don't want to repeat the pain or drama of your last relationship.

I understand..... I know what you are going through. You feel like you have just been "voted off" the Island. Everywhere you look it seems like there's another happy couple enjoying themselves and your friends and relatives  keep asking those annoying questions.


 Learn How To Get The Results That You Really Want. No Matter What You Have Been Through Before

I know that you might be skeptical right now, and that's OK you should be. No matter how things have gone before, how long you have waited, or how many relationships you have had in the past deep down in your heart of hearts you KNOW that there truly is someone out there for everyone, and that includes YOU.

Really. Wherever you are right now It's OK.


That is one of the "secrets" you have to be happy with yourself-just as you are. That doesn't mean you never learn anything new or try to improve. It simply means you STOP beating yourself up as you move forward.  


 Stop Blaming Yourself-   It's Really Not Your Fault, Because No One Ever Taught You What Works

It's TRUE. Until today, you did the best you could. You may not have even realized some of the subconscious patterns and beliefs that were driving your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. While our parents and grandparents might have been great people they probably weren't the best communicators or experts on relationships.

To make matters worse, popular books, movies, and magazines often portray an ideal that rarely mirrors real life. It's when we try to live up to some one else's ideals and expectations that we get disappointed and even depressed.

You know as well as I do that there really isn't a school for this sort of specialized knowledge.We can go to school and get a degree in just about anything- yet when it comes to USEFUL information on relationships it's still trial and error. Our friends might mean well, but unless they have the outstanding relationship we want for ourselves they aren't qualified to give advice.


 The Solution - Is Getting "Real World" Advice From  Our Expert Team

Want Answers? Ask The Real Experts! You deserve answers to the "tough questions" on this topic. More than that, you want to know what REALLY works and you want to see better results in your own life really soon!

My partner and I did an extensive search and found some of the most prominent dating and relationship experts, authors, and coaches.We asked the experts questions in a series of revealing interviews and recorded them.

We knew that almost everyone could use some dating advice, but maybe they didn't know where to go or who to ask.We don't believe that relationships have to be "work" or some soap opera struggle, but there are things that you really do need to know

As one of our experts said "There isn't a clear winner in the "who's better" battle of the sexes. The real question is why men and women in this country, with its double-digit divorce rate, aren't better at it. A key element that consistently crops up is the ability to communicate -- in each others language." - Dennie Hughes USA Weekend


  Some Of The Dating Success Secrets Revealed

The 5 Specific Steps To Take So You Can Meet Your Soul Mate
Do This On A First Date So You Are The Most Attractive
How To Turn Any "No" Around So It Leads To Success.

How To Work With Your Subconscious Mind So You Can Attract Love

What You Can Do So You Are The Perfect Partner
What To Do So That Every Date Is A Success
Strategies To Use So You Can  Succeed in All Areas of your life

We Have A Trained Panel Of Professional Experts Who Can Save Your Love Life

 We have Best selling authors, psychologists, life, and dating coaches with years of training, education, and consulting experience that share their secrets.  You may have seen some of them on popular television shows like Oprah, Dr. Phil or The View, heard them on the radio, or even read their books.

These are people who, have been where you are. So now it's their passion to help others get results.

Here's the thing, the experts were not always "experts" they had their own problems and challenges. Yet, they found solutions-  It was their own need to figure things out and make things work that gave them the ideas that work, and that will work for you. So there is no need to re-invent the wheel.

As Judith told us, she was into her forties before she met and married Jim, her husband of the last 20 years. She wasn't the only one. Phyllis Chase shared a similar story. Susan Page told us she "didn't  think her husband was her type when they first met- yet they were married in just four months.

Deb Berndt, had her life totally fall apart before things changed for her. Find out what happened,  how she fixed it, and why she is happier than ever before.

I could go on, but here's the point, if they can find what they wanted no matter what age, then you can too. It's never too late.....  

     Creating Your Ultimate Relationship Doesn't Have To Be Left Up To Chance

You will hear the all the personal ideas, advice, stories, and strategies of the experts.

If you are looking to hear how you can turn your love life around, this is the right place. This is about developing a greater conscious awareness and learning how to choose what YOU would like to experience.

Judith Sherven & Jim Sneichowski
Psychologist Team & Authors

As a husband and wife team of psychologists, Judith and Jim have been helping their clients for over 20 years. They have discovered the core issues that hold people back from the success they desire.
They see relationships as a "Spiritual Practice" Judith and Jim will give you some unique Insights into "The Magic Of Differences" Be loved for who you really are.

Leil Lowndes
Acclaimed International Author & Columnist

As a internationally acclaimed author Leil Lowndes has written more books than anyone we met.  Her books cover all aspects of personal communications. Among her famous titles, How To Be A People Magnet, How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You, How To Capture A First Rate Mate, How To Talk To Anyone, Good bye To Shy, and Under Cover Sex Signals. Find out  the Absolute #1 activity for a first date.

Phyllis Chase
Psychotherapist & Radio Show Host

Phyllis Chase is host of her own LA radio show "Shrink Wrap". She is known as The Problem Shrinker. Phyllis shares that she didn't meet her perfect partner until she was over forty. Phyllis speaks to the heart through her workshops "Love on Purpose". She explains her 7 Step Formula For finding your purpose to live a happy, joyous, and successful life.  Learn How To Live and Love on Purpose. Voted "Best Of LA" by LA Magazine.

Alison Arnold "Doc Ali"
TV Star, Mindset Coach & Fear Liberator

You Might have seen Doc Ali on the VH1 show Scott Baio is 45 and Single. As Scott's personal coach Doc Ali helped him overcome his fears of commitment and turn his life around. She teaches how to live a life of exuberance release fears and live a passionate life.  Doc Ali shares how to go for your dreams, how to be fully in the moment, and  use it to your best advantage. She shares a personal story on how she did just that.

Dr. Jackie Black
Dating Advice and Relationship Coach & Author

Dr. Jackie Black author of "Meeting Your Match-The One Decision" Dr. Jackie shares how to let go of the old beliefs, expectations, and values. Her mission is to awaken and revitalize you so that you are ready for new realities of relationships. She will teach how to welcome the ideal partner when they come into your life and gives the tools for a modern model of marriage and commitment.

Dennie Hughes
Relationship Advice Coach, Author, & Advice Columnist

Dennie Hughes writes the column"RelationTips" for USA weekend. She provides answers to the toughest dating questions in a no-nonsense approach. She is the author of "Dateworthy". Not afraid to handle to tough issues Dennie tells it like it is.

Susan Page
Dating Advice Coach & Author

Believe it when we say that Susan Page is a favorite, even among our other dating experts. The author of "Why Talking Is Not Enough - 8 Loving Actions That Will Transform Your Marriage" Susan explains why the "myth" of communication is not the most important thing in a relationship. How one partner acting alone can change the relationship. WHY couples should STOP trying to solve their problems. WHY fairness and equality are not important to your relationship, The MOST IMPORTANT skill you should cultivate.How to treat your relationship as a Spiritual practice.

Bryan Redfield
Dating Advice Coach "Man of Hollywood"

Bryan Redfield spent more than 15 years in Hollywood as a master bartender. He is Known as a national dating expert because he has seen it all. Having direct access to over 10,000 people he developed "The Redfield System" Bryan fully explains where to find someone that you will love being with and wants to be with you, how to meet in an honest straight forward way.

  Bryan reveals how to separate good prospects from bad ones in 5 minutes or less. How to establish a casual or long term relationship without games, tricks, or abuse.

Evan Marc Katz
America's Dating Coach & Online Insider

 Evan Marc Katz calls himself America's Dating Coach, a personal trainer for people who want to fall in Love. Beginning his career at online dating agencies Evan soon found himself coaching and helping others to get better results.

 Author of "Why Your Still Single"- things your friends would tell you if you promised not to get mad" Evan will fill you in on what works both online and off.

Kara OH
Dating Coach & "Heart Whisperer"

As a relationship coach for both Men and Women Kara Oh shares her unique perspectives.

For the Women Kara teaches how to have fun and get the adoring admiring men that you want in your life. She has been there herself and she can teach you how to get past your dating hurdles.



  Sharyn Abbott Business Expert, Author & Speaker

Sharyn Abbott is the author of "Making your List and Checking It Twice" and a former guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Sharyn shares her first hand experience in how writing out the description of your perfect partner can make them appear in your life. Learn how to decide which habits and traits will be most acceptable to you in advance of your next relationship. Know what makes a relationship work. Learn how to know if someone is right for you within the first 5 minutes of meeting them.

Kerri Newell
Dating & Relationship Coach & Author

Keri Newell teaches the #1 Essential Key To Attract, Keep, and Marry Your Ideal Man. Keri teaches where to find the Men you want to meet, and How to magnetize them to you. Her specialty is male/female differences and what You can't date without. You will know what to say and when to say it, and how to go from dating to a relationship. Hear Keri's no-fail flirting technique.

David Wygant
"The Dating Expert For Men and Women"

David Wygant has been a dating coach for 20 years. He offers advice to Men and Women. David shared some great tips that anyone can use to fire up their love life.He had advice for both sexes. David lets you know that "approach anxiety" is not real. Dave gave us some great ideas on how to be Natural, how to tell a great story and most important how to be " The Director"  in your life.  Totally informative and entertaining!

Rachel Greenwald
International  Dating Coach & Author

Rachel Greenwald author Of "Find A Husband After 35" Taking processes she learned at The Harvard business School, Rachel has adapted them into a 12 step process that get results. Unique advice on how to leverage you current friends and relationships to find your perfect mate. Find out the source she recommends as Number 1. Ever thought about applying marketing and advertising methods to your love life?   I can tell you this, Rachel has "The Plan".

Dr. John Curtis
Marriage Counselor and Co-Habitation Expert

Dr. John Curtis has been a marriage counselor and now he dishes on couples that want to live together. Should you live together while you date or are in a relationship? Dr. John  has unique strategies to make your relationships great while living together. Ever thought of having a logo or a shared mission statement for your relationship?

    Tom Justin
    Author, Coach To Entrepreneurs & Entertainment Stars

Tom has a wealth of experience in the business world, he has also developed his own programs for "Breakthrough Relationships" and "Developing Your Intuition". Tom explains how to use the power of "No" to propel you to Success in dating and in Life. Learn a new way to think about rejection. A unique individual with a great sense of humor you will love this segment with Tom. Tom has personally helped Hollywood Icons and business leaders.

Dr. Paul Dobransky
    Dating Advice Expert  & "Mind Scientist"

Dr. Paul is both a MD and a psychiatrist. He coaches both men and women.Dr. Paul reveals WHY things are the way they are between the sexes. Dr. Paul has extensive research and references to back up his ideas. Often the coach to other experts, we found Dr. Paul to have some insights that not too many others had. Through his KWML personality types he lays out the process for dating success.  Learn how to recognize the personality types that are right for you.

Shelley Riutta
" Life transformation Coach"

Shelley is a Life transformation coach. she can help you find your Life's Purpose. She recently met her soul mate and gave us the process for doing just that. Learn what a SOUL MATE is, what are the common traits of soul mate relationships, what you can DO to prepare to meet your soul mate, The 5 things you MUST do to be OPEN to meeting your Soul mate, what the signs are that you are getting close to meeting your soul mate.  HOW to "Uplevel" your current relationship to a soul mate connection.

Scot McKay
Relationship Coach and Men's Dating Expert

Scot McKay teaches us what it means to be a Man of great character. His formula is all about decoding the opposite sex's thought process, and how to be a authentic, masculine, confident man of true character. His ideas transcend the need for "pickup" and techniques. He teaches how to be a High Character man to attract the best possible mates and how to maintain relationships while making wise decisions.

April Harding
Dating Expert & Author

April Harding is the author of "The Single Dose" As a single mom herself April knows well the challenges of the single parent. She teaches how to live single with Passion and Purpose. How to Live single and Saved, How to conquer loneliness, sexual temptations, and other struggles. Having been through it herself, April can explain how to handle the emotional phases of divorce.

Deb Berndt
"Hypno Deb" NYC Hypnotist and Love Expert

Deb Berndt is a New York Hypnotist and will teach you how to attract Love with the power of you subconscious mind. Don't believe it? Deb did it herself and can teach you the same. Find out how you may be "Unconsciously" attracting the wrong people. Deb blends the power of hypnosis and coaching to help you uncover deep subconscious beliefs and help you attract the love of your life.  Change your internal voice to be more confident and attractive.

  Our Experts Have The Answers And Are Willing To Share-  If YOU Take Action Now

"If you are actively engaged in the life that you love, you will more readily attract the love of your life" - DR. Jackie Black -

" Relationships are a spiritual partnership. A spiritual partnership means that I am in this relationship to further my  growth and that of my partner rather than to just get my needs met which is a limiting concept. Most couples believe that they will just be happy when they solve "this" problem. I advise people to not focus on their problems. Fairness and equality are not what is important in relationships- Effectiveness IS"- Susan Page -

 "It's important to have compassion for yourself. When you can accept and love yourself unconditionally the love will follow. Accept your flaws, be open, and willing to be seen exactly as you are"- Phyllis Chase -

Imagine your self with your perfect partner on a warm tropical beach. Finally sharing your life with your someone special.

 You won?t  have to settle for someone that is l ess than perfect for you any more. Learning  how to find the right  partner can help us all connect to what is meaningful and fulfilling in our lives.

Maybe you have heard Tony Robbins talk about "modeling" successful people. All the top people in business have coaches and mentors. Why should your personal life be any different?

To be absolutely clear, this is what you will receive.

21  sessions of recorded mp3 audio interviews jam packed with Expert relationship advice delivered to right  your computer. Top-rated coaches, well known authors, and experts. Interviews that will expand your awareness, open your mind to possibilities, and give you more choice.  (This is not just an ebook  from someone you never heard of)

          Here's  More Of The Benefits You Will Receive:
 -  Immediate access, begin listening in minutes. Take them in your car, use an ipod, or burn your to your own cds.
       -   Learn How To Define What You Really Want And Get It

      -  Develop A New Self Confidence And Awareness

      -  Learn How To Handle Rejection So It Never Gets You Down

      -  Gain A Better Understanding of The Opposite Sex, For Real

      -  Learn New Ways To Communicate

      -  How To Live A Life of Passion and Purpose

      -   Learn How To Attract People To You,Even A Soul Mate

      -   How To View Relationships From A Spiritual Perspective  


     After All, What Is The Future Of Your Love Life Worth? Why Settle For Less



We are all born for love. It is the principle of existence, and its only end.-Benjamin Disraeli


If you had personal coaching from a top coach, it might cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. So we thought why not give you all the experts at a just a fraction of what it might  normally cost.

Maybe you could attend a live seminar or workshop and that would likely cost you several hundred dollars plus travel and other expenses.

Keep in mind that it wasn't easy finding, researching, arranging, and interviewing all these experts for you and getting their advice.

We even tracked down An International Author while she was on vacation in Italy

Because we want YOU to have this knowledge, and our experts were so generous in sharing their time and expertise with us we are offering this at an amazingly affordable price for you. Just a one time payment of only $47.00.

We honestly feel that they are worth a lot more, BUT because we know times are tough for people at the moment. We just don't want the price to hold any one back from getting the advice that can help right now.

What can you get for that price? maybe a dinner out and a couple of movie tickets,  but those won't last. This will. It really is a small investment considering the amount of knowledge you are about to gain.

 Try Us Out, And If You Don't Like It Or Benefit From The Advice- It's FREE.

                                    60 Day Risk FREE TRIAL

Blind dates aren't really all that bad. but maybe you're still not sure that this program is right for you?  We understand, but Do you really want to scour the internet to try and find reputable dating experts?


Well, we already did it for you.So it's really not much of a decision- Life Changing dating advice for less than 50.00 bucks!!!

Top Celebrities and other people around the world trust out experts.......... and you can too.

You are totally protected for 60 days if you aren't completely thrilled and satisfied. That's a full eight weeks for you to listen, learn, and implement what you learn.

All we ask is that you do listen and try out the advice. If you don't  benefit from what you hear, get a refund and you keep the recordings. No questions, No resistance, No hassle. If you really don't  feel it helps you or gives you some new insights- we don't want your money.

So Take ACTION Today,. You can get it as a download- right to your computer. You know you can't even get 1 hour with a dating coach for this price, and You would hate to miss out on this great deal. 

 Get Off  The Romantic Roller Coaster Right Now

You came this far, you know you're looking for some answers. Now really isn't the time to be looking in the rear view mirror. That is not how you make progress in LIFE. 

If you don't take action now, what is your love life going to look like in 6 months or a year from now?  





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 To Your Success,

Sharyn Abbott & Bill Ellingsworth

Sharyn Abbott  & Bill Ellingsworth 
Your Co-hosts For The Singles Spotlight


PS.  Going It on your own isn't the secret to SUCCESS in anything. Believe me, I know from personal experience. Take this opportunity right NOW to Get Advice from some of the TOP RATED COACHES IN THE DATING INDUSTRY.   Our experts have been featured on TV, Radio, national publications,  in books, and numerous other media. They collectively helped thousands of people, and they can help you too.

PPS.This is the only place where you can get over 21 full hours of audio recordings that will increase your understanding, give you the strategies, and result in more satisfying relationships. Isn't that worth a small investment in yourself?  Again you are protected by our Better Than a Blind Date 60 day guarantee, and You can be listening in just a few minutes!  YOU deserve it.


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